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The Fort Greene Smack & Cheese Competition (Pics & Video)

Yesterday, a small gathering of friends convened at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn for The First & Only Mac & Cheese Throwdown, or what I’ve decided to call The Fort Green Smack & Cheese Competition. The competition arose due to “a lot of smack talkin’ by a lot of folks” and the winner would walk away with bragging rights.

There were three entrants: my friends Cynthia, Jonathan, and Sean. Each person prepared unique and delicious takes on the dish. Dishes were judged on three official criteria (taste, presentation, innovation) and one unofficial (comfort). So, who won? Hell, if you ask me, since those in attendance were fortunate enough to taste each offering, we were all winners.

Oh, but you want to know who won the competition? Well, just check out the video above. Then hit the jump for additional photos. Continue reading

Poet Knickie D Hosts The Exhibitionist at Linger Café and Lounge (January 19)

Poet Knickie D Hosts The Exhibitionist at Linger Café and Lounge (January 19)

On Thursday, January 19, Brooklyn-based poet Knickie D hosts The Exhibitionist, a monthly showcase and open-mic night at Linger Café & Lounge in Boerum Hill.

Held every third Thursday of the month, each show has featured performer in addition to the seven open-mic slots. This month’s performers are Jamaal St. John and Deacon Jackson.

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TwennyTwelfe is Gonna Be Mah Year!!!!!11!!1 #GLIST

It's Gonna Be My Year

Last night, I enjoyed cocktails and catfish fingers at Brooklyn’s Vodou Bar with my buddy Dr. Jennifer. We talked about life and how things hadn’t been going especially well for us the past few months.

“2011 has been my worst year,” I said to Dr. Jennifer. She replied that it hadn’t been her worst year, but it had been a disappointment.

“If there was a lesson to be learned in 2011 and I missed it, oh well,” she said, then followed up with, “And I’m not going to say 2012 is going to be my year. That’s just bullshit.”

Normally, I would have agreed with her.  It always pissed me off when people would make the proclamation that the upcoming new year was going to be “their year.” I never understood what the fuck that meant. I mean, yeah, I get it, a new year, a new beginning, blah blah, whatever. A new beginning can happen anytime. A new beginning can start the moment you finish reading this post.

But last night, I felt differently. It’s not bullshit, I thought. 2012 is going to be my year, goddamn.

And Guestlist is the reason I feel this way. For those of you still in the dark, Guestlist is my debut novel, which releases in February. February of 2012.

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Fulton Mall Christmas Tree (Brooklyn, NY)


Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall erected its own Christmas tree, in an effort to get folks in the holiday spirit. Of course, it’s nowhere near as glamorous as the one in Rockefeller Center, but, hey, even a little holiday cheer goes a long way.

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Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way

Spread Love, It's The Brooklyn Way

My beautiful borough’s motto, coined by The Notorious One himself, emblazoned on the side of Habana Works‘s Brooklyn headquarters.

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Food: Sangria Marinated Hanger Steak at Olea

Sangria Marinated Hanger Steak at Olea Mediterranean Taverna

Last night, a gaggle of friends and I converged on Fort Greene resto Olea to drink, dine, and have a good time. Thanks to the innumerable vodka tonics I’d been sipping on, I have no recollection of what time I left.

I do, however, recall the delicious tapas we indulged in, especially the sangria marinated hanger steak. I’m talking four to six pieces of grilled-to-perfection meat topped with sherry vinegar-picked red onions, extra virgin olive oil, and parsley. Nomtastic! Kudos to the kitchen staff.

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Throwback: Crooklyn Dodgers – “Crooklyn”

The original jawn featuring Special Ed, Masta Ace, and Buckshot. Perfect soundtrack for this beautiful, sunny Brooklyn day. Continue reading