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Follow Jay Fingers on These Social Networks

Follow Jay Fingers on These Social Networks

Chances are, if you’re seeing this, you follow me on at least one social network, such as Twitter or Facebook. But guess what? I’m on quite a few of ’em!

Check out the list of social networks below, then click the link and follow your boy! C’mon, admit it — you know you want to follow my misadventures! Ha!

Look forward to connecting with all of you! Cheers!



I’ve got to say, I’ve been blown away by the response my novel GUESTLIST has gotten since its release. People are enjoying the book, posting rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and hitting me up on Facebook to let me know how much they liked it. It truly means a great deal to me, and I thank each and every one of you.

However, one thing I didn’t expect was my readers’ longing for a sequel. It’s somewhat surprising to me that folks want one because I’d always felt like the story was told in its entirety. Then again, when people connect with the characters in a novel, they don’t want the story to end. They want to continue to follow the characters’ journeys, wherever they may lead.

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Wearing A Hoodie for Trayvon Martin #MillionHoodies #JusticeForTrayvon

I haven’t said very much about Trayvon Martin for one simple reason: the whole situation makes me angry.

Yes, I know, it makes us all angry. We can’t believe that we live in a world, a country, an era where a 17-year-old black teen can be murdered in cold blood and his killer not be in danger of prosecution. But what I’m saying is, and those who know me know this to be true, when I’m angry, I don’t become loud or boisterous. I become quiet.

Damn near silent.

I fester and stew in my anger. It’s not healthy, but that’s what I do, partly because I’m cynical to the point where I don’t think anyone care. No one wants to listen. That goes for everyone, from the politicians and authority figures tasked with creating and enforcing the laws of the land to my own family and friends who have enough troubles of their own to be concerned with anyone else’s.

And so I’ve remained silent. Quiet. Haven’t said a word. Even as the evidence against Trayvon’s murderer George Zimmerman began to mount. Even as tapes of the 911 calls became public. Even as common sense and compassion began to prevail among the masses.

I am Trayvon Martin

Today, I’m breaking my silence. Today, I’m a black man sporting a hoodie, as Trayvon did the evening he was murdered, to show the world that I am not “suspicious.” The pic above was uploaded to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #millionhoodies, and the video at the very top was posted with the same hashtag on YouTube and Viddy.

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Juliet Capulet is In A Relationship

Juliet Capulet is In A Relationship

The homegirl Sheena Beans posted this a while back and I was greatly amused by it.

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Okay, @JayFingers, What the Hell is #GLIST?

Okay, @JayFingers, What the Hell is #GLIST?

For the past month or so, you may have seen me post some mysterious tweets or Facebook status updates with the hashtag #GLIST attached. One reads, “A bunch of beautiful people doing some very ugly things.” Another one says, “People will talk about it. People will be upset. People will be shocked. People will hate. Hey, don’t look at me. I only wrote it.”

Rest assured, I’m not sitting at my desk punching “submit” each time you see these. This is an automated process. But I’ve been doing it because I’ve been trying to pique your curiosity. Judging by some of the responses I’ve gotten, it looks like I was successful.

I’ve been threatening promising that my debut novel would be arriving soon. I’ve been doing this for, oh, about the past two years. Believe me when I tell you that I thought it was ready back then. Things did not work out as initially planned, however, so my novel had to be placed on the back burner. During that time, I learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, got a ton of feedback, and made significant changes. It was all worth it.

That’s what #GLIST is all about, Dear Readers. #GLIST is the hashtag I’m associating with my debut novel. It’s already a somewhat popular hashtag as it’s used by party promoters the world over. If you haven’t figured it out yet, #GLIST is short for Guestlist, which is the title of my novel.

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Happy Vodka and Turkey Bacon, It’s Thanksgiving!

A little bit of vodka in my life ...

Earlier today, as I ventured into the kitchen to whip up a small holiday breakfast of eggs, grits, and bacon, I discovered I had a small bit of vodka on hand. It was just enough to make a morning cocktail and get my day started right.

Today, as you should know, is Thanksgiving. It’s when we’re supposed to show gratitude for all the blessings we’ve received, and for all the people in our lives. Some, however, are not content to let the day be. They’d rather beat their chest and proclaim the day as evil, and criticize the rest of us who choose to celebrate it. To all of those armchair historians, I’d like to quote my homeboy Varyus Waise, who posted this earlier on Facebook:

To all the “revolutionaries” saying “Happy Colonizer’s Day”, “I don’t celebrate a day of genocide”, etc… Dead it. You act like a [social media] status is going to bring back all who were murdered and bring the pilgrims who did the killing to justice. Be thankful you’re alive to even think such a thing and thankful for the family who want to spend the day with you. Peace.


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Quote: Writing Is A Fairly Lonely Business

Marc Lawrence

“Writing is a fairly lonely business unless you invite people in to watch you do it, which is often distracting.”
Marc Lawrence, Writer/Director

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