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Throwback Movie: The Hollywood Knights

Aw man.

I haven’t seen this movie in ages, and it’s definitely one I’ll need to order from Amazon. Though it was widely derided as an American Graffiti rip-off, The Hollywood Knights had very little in common with that film aside from the “one last night” setup. It has more in common with movies Porky’s and American Pie, both of which are mentioned in the above trailer for its home video release but actually came out after Knights, and believe me when I tell you, it’s wayyyyyyyyy raunchier than either of those films. The “one-armed violinist” scene comes to mind. Ha!

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“Funny People” Trailer

posterfunnypeopleSo, as is always the case when a new Adam Sandler comedy is announced, I approached Funny People with caution. The poster was released a few months back, and it didn’t really give any insight as to what the film would be about. It is, however, written and directed by Judd Apatow, he of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up fame. So I knew it had the potential to be good. Entertaining, if nothing else.

The trailer is now up on the YouTube, and I must say, the film comes across much differently than I’d expected. It has more f a dramatic element to it, but it still remains very funny. Take a gander at Sandler and Apatow’s Funny People after the jump.

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“Inglourious Basterds” Posters

Thanks to Defamer, who stole them from Empire, we have a first look at a few teaser posters for Quentin Tarantino’s spelling bee drama Inglourious Basterds. While I can’t recall exactly what the rifle one represented in the script I read, the knife and baseball bat posters certainly bring to mind two of the screenplay’s more memorable moments.

Peep the other two posters after the jump.

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No, I Haven’t Been Updating My Blog Lately

What can I say? Life happens. It’s the holidays. People get busy. I know I’m busy. Are you busy?

Quick update: new gig. Yeah, the “freelance” lifestyle I was living had to end, as all good things must. A brother needed some steady income, haha! The upside is, I’m working with some cool people, the atmosphere is Lebowski laid-back, I probably work 6 hours a day, got benefits and shit, and the money is fanfuckingtastic. Best of all, I’m still able to pursue my pursuits, which suits me just fine.

As most people say around this time, changes will come with the New Year. No, for seriously. I’m not telling you what they are just yet. Wait and see. I’m sure you’ll be interested.

By the way, the picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce have nothing to do with anything. Their shared look of disgust simply makes me laugh.

Okay, so that’s it. Bye.

ScriptGirl Report 10-3-08

Internet’s been on the wonk too much lately, hence the late SG report. Plus, my brain’s been turned to tapioca thanks to all the work I’ve been doing the past week … well, all the work plus all the partying and drinking. I took yesterday off to rehydrate. No telling what today holds. But enough rambling, hit the jump for SG’s latest.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-26-08

SG has officially attained celebrity status.

Last week’s video had over 200,000 views. “All the views were a bit of a freak of nature, I think,” she told me. “Like a tsunami! But I finally cracked the YouTube Dutch Antilles top 100, so it’s all good!”

It certainly is all good. And you already know what’s to come. In a few months, SG will star in her very own reality television series. Wait and see. This week’s video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-5-08

Yerp. I’m late with it. It was one of those weekends. Got hammered. Spent money on food instead of cooking. Watched (and was slightly disappointed by) the VMAs and the season premiere of Entourage. Argued with my homegirl about whether or T-Pain is making classic music. Shit, man, I’m barely coherent at this point. But whatevs, here is SG, to make all right in the world with her latest report. Continue reading