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Writing: The Husband – My Script Frenzy Script

Writing: I'm Participating in Script Frenzy

As I mentioned before, today, April 1st, is the first day of Script Frenzy, the 30-day writing marathon that challenges you to write 100 pages of scripted material. Unlike past writing marathons, like NaNoWriMo and The 3-Day Novel Writing Challenge, I’m super-duper confident that I’ll be able to pull this off.

What makes me so confident, you ask? Looka here, man, I’ve been writing screenplays since I’m thirteen years old. I wrote my first short script on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter, so I was comfy with script format long before I had a wonderful computer program to handle that for me. I’ve also studied the craft of screenwriting; when I was in film school, screenwriting—not directing or producing or marketing—was my concentration. Not only did I write scripts for my own classes, I wrote, co-wrote and doctored some of my classmates’ scripts. I also read every script I could get my hands on. And before we had all these wonderful sites where you could download PDFs of produced and unproduced screenplays for free, I was buying shit from Script City and Planet MegaMall.

So, yeah. I think I have a firm enough grasp on the craft to bang out these hundred or so pages.

In the beginning, I toyed with the idea of adapting the graphic novel 100 Bullets for Script Frenzy. Adaptations are allowed, and I love the story, but ultimately I felt that it would be cheating. So I decided to roll with an idea that came to me the last time I was home visiting family. That idea is what I’m currently calling The Husband.

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ScriptGirl Report 3-20-09

So ScriptGirl took a week off and then I took a week off (sorry!) so now we’re back on track with the video reports. Not much excitement in the world of script sales this week, just a couple of adaptations and rehashes. We do, however, learn a bit more about SG‘s past and her inital entry into “this biz of show.”

My, this video is deliciously random. And, treat of treats, we finally get a glimpse at SG‘s legs and discover why we’ve never seen them before. Discover the truth after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 2-6-09

Is there something about my personality that would lead people to think I would create an online female character? One complete with personality, history, and photographs? I know I’m a fucking fantastic writer with a near godlike ability to create memorable  and engaging characters, but please.

So recently, on Teh Twitter, a friend asked me about ScriptGirl: Everytime i read your blog I wonder who Script Girl is. so like who is she? lol.

I explained who SG was, how the videos came about, and how they’ve become enormously popular, especially amongst the horny film geek set. (Sorry, K, but it’s true, haha!) Anyway, my friend replied thusly:

ahhhh okay! I didnt know if she was a made up character of yours and you borrowed a pic online lol

“Made up character,” what? Of course, this isn’t the first time that I’ve been accused of such a thing — if you were on the Wodie board when it was fun, you may remember the legendary “AaliyahFan” debacle. Thankfully, due to the sexual procivities of other, less-than-discreet board members, the myth that I was posting as  “AaliyahFan” was debunked.

So, now that we all know the truth, we can all check out my online character, um, I mean, SG’s latest video after the jump.

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“Love Lockdown” Done!

Today, I put the finishing touches on the umpteenth “first draft” of my latest screenplay. For the purposes of the blog, I’ll call this script Love Lockdown. (Which actually isn’t a bad title, right, Kanye?)

Love Lockdown is a romantic comedy about unrequited love, though I throw a few jabs at politics and gentrification into the mix. Nothing overt, this isn’t a treatise on the shady machinations of politics or anything, but the small elements I included seem to work well with the story. I drew inspiration from recent events, but, as is the case with all of my scripts, the story is a very intimate one, dealing with how the large events affect just a few people.

Holler the jump and you may just get a nice surprise at the end.

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