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I’m Feeling Lazy

Too lazy to write a caption.

Too lazy to write a caption.

There are so many topics I could, and actually want to, write about.

But you know what? I’m too lazy to do so.

Too lazy to write about Brad Pitt being officially cast in Inglorious Bastards. Too lazy to write about the racist subtitles in Hancock. Too lazy to write about the trailer for an NC-17 Mother Teresa biopic. Too lazy to write about the Los Angeles madame who accidentally exposed her client roster via email.

So I won’t write about any of that shit. Instead, I’ll kick back with some wine and insane cheese, and relax to the G’d up sounds of Warren G.

(Apparently, I was too lazy to do grammar and spell check as well.)

Photo courtesy of DemotivateUs.

Angelina Jolie is The Hottest Black Woman on the Planet



Angelina Jolie is hot. Black women are hot. Ergo, Angelina Jolie is a black woman. Well, that’s what Hollywood seems to think, at least.

Before its film adaptation was released earlier this summer, I’d never heard of the comic series Wanted. So it was a shock to discover that Fox, Jolie’s character, was black in the comics. But after doing a little more research, I found that the filmmakers were deviating from the source material. And besides, roles like this should be color-blind, right? Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 7-25-08


Shout out to the awesome and gorgeous ScriptGirl. Her videos continue to give me much motivation as they further my belief that what I’m penning is just as good as, if not outright superior to, what’s selling these days. Check the video after the jump. Continue reading

Will Smith is Still Richer Than You

Big Willie Style, indeed.

Critics absolutely hated Will Smith’s latest star vehicle Hancock, but moviegoers — myself included — loved it, as evidenced by the $195 million worth of ticket sales it’s grossed so far domestically. Hancock is Smith’s eighth consecutive $100 million grossing film, and he’s the first Hollywood actor to accomplish this feat. So it comes as no surprise when Forbes named him Hollywood’s best-paid actor: Continue reading

Hancock: I Am Asshole

One of the major curiosities of this summer’s movie slate has been is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-Scientologist Will Smith‘s latest vehicle Hancock. While it seems precious little of Vincent Ngo’s brilliant original script has been retained, the movie still promises to deliver on its concept of a dysfunctional, depressed superhero. And middle finger to the haters, I found the trailers to be quite hilarious. Continue reading