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Drinking A Lot of Wine Alone is Not Lonely, It Is Romantic

Drinking Wine Alone

Happy Friday, y’all!

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Shit Mixed Girls Say (Video)

Okay, I’ve grown tired of the whole “Shit [Stereotypical Gender/Racial/Ethnic Group] Say” meme, but this one made me chuckle. Plus, it’s written and directed by the homie Layla Sola.

Hit play and have a laugh.

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The Young White Male Author’s First Novel

Young White Male Author First Novel

Includes fascinating portrayals of casual drug use at house parties, how the author/protagonist had conversations about post-punk while seeing his mate’s band perform at some shitty small venue, internal monologues about consumerism while observing people in a mall and that time when the protagonist had an epiphany about living in the moment while walking in the rain.

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ScriptGirl Report 10-3-08

Internet’s been on the wonk too much lately, hence the late SG report. Plus, my brain’s been turned to tapioca thanks to all the work I’ve been doing the past week … well, all the work plus all the partying and drinking. I took yesterday off to rehydrate. No telling what today holds. But enough rambling, hit the jump for SG’s latest.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-26-08

SG has officially attained celebrity status.

Last week’s video had over 200,000 views. “All the views were a bit of a freak of nature, I think,” she told me. “Like a tsunami! But I finally cracked the YouTube Dutch Antilles top 100, so it’s all good!”

It certainly is all good. And you already know what’s to come. In a few months, SG will star in her very own reality television series. Wait and see. This week’s video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 8-22-08

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Yay! ScriptGirl is back from vacation, which means my t-shirt is on the way! These days I’ve been getting American Apparel with it, wearing extra-medium t-shirts to accentuate my beer belly. What? It’s like Fabienne said in Pulp Fiction, it’s sad that what is pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye are rarely the same thing. So I’m proud of my gut, homies! (Actually, I’m not, but my homeboy Scholls is supposed to devise an exercise and nutrition regimen for me and he has yet to do so.)

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ScriptGirl is Made of CHEESE!!

Everyone deserves a vacation. I’m pretty much on a permanent vacay right now. Barack Obama was seen bare-chested in Hawaiian waters recently. Even Young Jeezy wish a nigga would interrupt his vacation. So why shouldn’t ScriptGirl be afforded the same courtesy? Check out her talking beaver after the jump. Continue reading