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Instagram Photo Challenge #MayPhotoADay


The truth is, you people are much better at doing the Instagram Photo Challenges than I am. Twice I’ve vowed to participate; twice I’ve failed. Woe is most assuredly me.

But since I know y’all are gearing up for May, I wanted to share the list of challenges with you. Shout out to FatMumSlim, whomever she is, for coming up with these truly creative challenges.

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Instagram Photo Challenge #AprilPhotoADay

Instagram Photo Challenge #AprilPhotoADay

Yes, I failed last month’s challenge something terrible. But this month I’ve been doing much better. Below are the pics I’ve so far taken for the Instagram #AprilPhotoAMonth Photo Challenge. Since they’ve opened the flood gates and the whole goddamn world is on Instagram now, there’s really only one thing to do: LET’S GET IT!

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Team Liquor Drunken Post 10-7-08

So I’m drunk. As per usual. Chillin’ at Moe’s after the debate. Only I missed the debate. I saw Tom Brokaw tell everyone to get the fuck out the way, but that was about it.

So now I’m at the bar with my fourth Dos Equis. I know, I know. Drunk off beer, Jay? What a lame. But no. No, I am not.

I had a nice Don Julio + Rose’s Lime Juice upon arrival. Then, after recommending Patron Reposado to a fellow alcoholic, he bought me a Patron Rep & Lime. Who is I’m to refuse?

So tekilla and beer on a pretty empty stomach will do the trick. Especially with Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band playing on the PA system.

I’m typing away on my Sidekick because I’ve yet to get an iPhone and because it’ll be easy to email to myself and post on Air Conditioning. (Formatting and all that shit will commence later.) Perhaps I should blog more when I’m out and drunk. Should make for some interesting posts. In fact, right now I’ll leave a placeholder for the jump to keep you reading.

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Get Out Of Your Cell Phone Contract Without Paying Early Termination

Suck it, T-Mobile! Take THAT!

Suck it, T-Mobile! Take THAT!

Gotta love the good folks over at Consumerist. Because they know that you, like me, are aching to get your hands on the all new and improved life-altering device colloquially known as the iPhone 3G. They also know that you, like me, may be trapped in an iron-clad contract with your current cell phone provider, one that was signed in blood and requires an ungodly early termination fee. (I’d rather give up my firstborn, but alas, I have no children.)

So, the good souls at Consumerist have provided us a list of six different ways you can get out of your contract, ETF-free. I suggest you skip on over there and choose the right scheme for you.

Info and pic from Consumerist.