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Weldon Owen Explains How A Book is Born (Infographic)

Weldon Owen Explains How A Book is Born (Infographic)

West coast publisher Weldon Owen created a nifty little infographic (because kids love their infographics) to explain exactly how a book is “born.”

They say:

Here’s the heartwarming, only slightly messy, and roughly 74 percent accurate story of how an idea churns through the publishing process just like—as a publisher we once knew put it—a rat travels through an anaconda. Don’t think too much about that analogy. Just enjoy this flowchart that takes you from a brilliant idea to a best-selling trade book.

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Friendships Fluctuate

Rapper Wale heads back to his tour bus outside of Magic City, an Atlanta strip club, October 12, 2011.

I’ll be very, very honest: I’m not the biggest Wale fan. I mean, I dug a couple songs off his Mixtape About Nothing (which I can recognize is classic despite not really liking the whole project), and I certainly recognize the man’s talent. I just don’t feel him like that. Add to the fact that he linked with Rick Ross’s MMG camp and Wale continues to get the side-eye from me.

Having said that, a recent interview Wale did with The FADER has only made my respect for the man grow. Check out what he said about working with Lady Gaga, who, if you didn’t know, was featured on Wale’s first single “Chillin’.” It’s some real shit:

Niggas ain’t your friend. Lady Gaga ain’t my friend. We at the “Chillin'” video shoot talking like we friends, then we at the awards and she walked right past. She got seven, eight, nine number one records and the record we made never worked. “Why should I still care about Wale? His record sold 28,000.” But in the studio we was homies. That was my first lesson. Not that I thought I’d be taking fucking shots of Ciroc with Lady Gaga on a Friday night watching SVU, but put it this way: friendships fluctuate with how hot you are or how cold you are in the industry.

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News: Lady Gaga To Be Metro Guest Editor-in-Chief

Lady Gaga

I’ve been going about this all wrong. If I’d wanted to snag a sweet editorial gig or a column in a monthly magazine, perhaps I should have become a pop star first. After all, that’s how Lady Gaga did it.

On May 17, the Fame Monster will serve as global guest editor-in-chief for all editions of Metro, a free news daily usually available at your local subway. Gaga will edit Metro editions in 20 countries from the newspaper’s central news desk in London.

She’ll also contribute a feature article and will comment on stories in the issue and contribute sidebars.

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Ratchet: iTr3vor’s Apple Store Dance to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Well, it is Friday and that means I’ve got to put up an obligatory Rebecca Black post. This one’s different, however, in that the video posted is actually all about this kid iTr3vor.

Apparently, iTr3vor goes into his local Apple store and records videos of himself dancing to the latest pop hits. Thanks to Tumblr, I saw this particular video reblogged a thousand times (sans explanation) before I finally broke down and watched it. WOW. This kid has cojones the size of cantaloupes.

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