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That’s A Nice Handbag, Ma’am

Beyonce Wants You To Buy This House of Dereon Handbag

This morning on the train, when an older woman stood in front next to me, my eyes immediately fell to her handbag. It was made by Dereon, Beyonce’s fashion label, and was constructed from fabric and patent leather with polished silvertone hardware.

I find myself doing this all the time now, and not just with handbags. Clothing, shoes, accessories of all kinds — I evaluate them all and attempt to discern the materials from which they were made and then I begin writing copy in my head.

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I’ve Got To Do More Things

The eras are ending, and I’m getting old.

So I read on Eater that Amy Sacco, one of my favorite Amazon women, has closed her restaurant Bette. Having been a fan of Amy due to her role in bringing prominence to New York nightlife, one of the things I’d wanted to do upon moving to the City was hit up her establishments, Bette and Bungalow 8. I had an opportunity to go to Bungalow a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday, but I allowed minor issues prevent me from doing so. And now, with the closing of Bette, I’ve let another opportunity slip by. Continue reading