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Is Ne-Yo Really Dissing Chris Brown?

Okay, now I’ve heard everything. I like the pop-&-B music of both young Chris Brown and Ne-Yo, so it’s difficult to really believe they are embroiled in some kind of beef. (I may be mistaken, but hasn’t Ne-Yo written songs — hit songs, at that — for Young Brown?) So imagine my surprise when I hear that Ne-Yo has crafted a diss record, supposedly leveling shots at CB.

R&B cats dissing each other via song, you say. Isn’t that strange? Why, yes, it is, although it’s admittedly not completely unheard of. But what’s even stranger is that Mr. Irreplaceable isn’t singing in his diss track — he’s rapping. Limp braggadocio and lyrical clumsiness over the instrumental to Lil Wayne’s new classic “A Milli” after the jump. Continue reading

Defending Lil Wayne

One of the (more idiotic) things I’d read in regard to Lil Wayne and his latest opus Tha Carter III was that there was too much of Wayne’s personality on the album. My reaction: I suppose people don’t get it. We like our celebrities to be a type of “character.” Outlandish personalities stand out. People gravitate to these unique and larger-than-life personas. Continue reading