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“Funny People” Trailer

posterfunnypeopleSo, as is always the case when a new Adam Sandler comedy is announced, I approached Funny People with caution. The poster was released a few months back, and it didn’t really give any insight as to what the film would be about. It is, however, written and directed by Judd Apatow, he of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up fame. So I knew it had the potential to be good. Entertaining, if nothing else.

The trailer is now up on the YouTube, and I must say, the film comes across much differently than I’d expected. It has more f a dramatic element to it, but it still remains very funny. Take a gander at Sandler and Apatow’s Funny People after the jump.

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“Inglourious Basterds” Posters

Thanks to Defamer, who stole them from Empire, we have a first look at a few teaser posters for Quentin Tarantino’s spelling bee drama Inglourious Basterds. While I can’t recall exactly what the rifle one represented in the script I read, the knife and baseball bat posters certainly bring to mind two of the screenplay’s more memorable moments.

Peep the other two posters after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 12-12-08

sg1212“So, you’e only 9 years old and already you’ve eclipsed me professionally. You little son of a …”

Yes, SG, I feel your pain. Truly I do. But hey, we can’t be mad at the little guy, right? He wrote it, so he sold it.

*sigh, grumble, grumble*

Video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 12-5-08

Some of us stayed on holiday longer than others, which explains my tardiness in getting the latest report up.

[aliciasilverstone]My bad![/aliciasilverstone]

Ah well, SG is back, with your weekly script sales report.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-21-08

sg1121Wait … did I just get a shout-out in a ScriptGirl video??

Yeah, I’m speechless right about now.

Ahem. Well. Compsure regained. This post, of course, is not about me … but if you want to peep the shout-out — as well as get this week’s script sales — check the video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-14-08

sg111408My faith in being able to sell a spec script for high figures and with much fanfare has been restored despite quite a few WTF script sales, remakes, and board game adaptations this past week. SG — wearing new frames?? — gives us the low down.

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The Week in Cool 11-9-08

socialexperimentAutumn is such a wonderful time of year! The falling temperatures, the leaves changing color, the shift from summer to winter clothes. I can finally order hot cocoa and not be looked at like a frickin’ lunatic. I’m lovin’ it, like a cheesy McDonald’s ad campaign.

November has particularly gotten off to a good start. I’ve been working on new projects, got some things in the pipeline, and I’m finally gaining some semblance of stability. The past week has been an historic one, as you all should know. So for me, it’s been gratifying on both a large and small scale. Here’s what went down and what was cool this past week:

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