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McDonald’s to Become the UK’s Biggest Children’s Book Seller

McDonald's: UK's biggest children's book seller

In the United Kingdom, over the next four weeks, massive fast food chain McDonald’s will give out 9 million Mudpuddle Farm books with their popular, kid-targeted Happy Meals as part of a tie-in with publisher HarperCollins. The promotion will include six titles from the Mudpuddle Farm series, including Mossop’s Last ChanceAlbertine, Goose Queen; Pigs Might Fly!; Jigger’s Day Off; Martians at Mudpuddle Farm; and Mum’s the Word. All books are written by Michael Morpurgo.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, sales of children’s books in 2011 averaged 1.16 million per week, or 6.4 million in a four week period. This means that, with the sales of Happy Meals, McDonald’s will be issuing substantially more children’s books than are usually sold in the same timeframe.

But don’t fret, toy enthusiasts. The Happy Meals will still come with a toy. Finger puppets relating to the series of books will also be included.

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