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Random Cool: My Foursquare Infographic

Random Cool: My Foursquare Infographic

So location-based social networking site Foursquare recently had a “Hacker Day” in which developers and, um, I guess, hackers played around with the Foursquare API and came up with some randomly cool things.

One of the cooler results came from Stormpixel Studios, whose Infographr app shows you your Foursquare history in infographic form. You can see mine above. Look at all those check-ins, son! I’m surprised to see Travel as the biggest category, but everything else is on point. And take note of that Early Adopter status—I was on that cool Foursquare shit while y’all were still transitioning from MySpace to Facebook. Ha!

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8-Bit Hip-Hop

The folks over at Shot Then recently posted a medley of hip-hop songs recreated using the music and sound effects from some of our favorite 8-bit Nintendo games. The medley was produced by someone named Jesse Tugboat, whose MySpace is allegedly not too hard to find.

Curiously, Shot Then decided not to provide a download link for the medley. Never you worry, dear readers, I will provide such a link. Find it and the tracklisting after the jump.

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Where’s the Beef? (UPDATED)

Do I have beef? No, no, not beef to eat, Wyclef. I mean actual someone is out to get me beef? Murk me in the streets, put my face on a Smack DVD beef? I wonder.

As my readers know, I talk tons of shit on here. It’s only my right as it’s my blog. I’m snarktastic. I’m Thayer Core. Let’s keep in mind, however, that I’m not necessarily an anonymous cat hiding behind a screen name. My screen name is one that I also use professionally. It is my “Diablo Cody.” So, as Tupac once ominously intoned, I ain’t hard to find.

This morning, I ritually logged into MySpace to see which of my digital honeys was offering up the drawers and discovered I had New Friend Requests. Of the requests, one was from someone I’d talked plenty shit about on Air Conditioning.

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Team Liquor: The Bomb Bloody Mary

Those that know and love me know that recently I’ve taken up with that classic alcoholic beverage known as the Bloody Mary. While I’d always liked the Bloody, it was never a major component of my repertoire until a few months back when, on a flight to Miami, I had a few on the aeroplane. The one I had on the plane was the bootleg version — vodka and tomato juice, viola! It got the job done.

However, being a massive proponent of brunch culture, as I began ordering Bloodys instead of mimosas on Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) mornings with my omelets, I realized that there was much more to the beverage then I’d originally thought. It was just my lucky (inside joke, not a typo) that two weeks ago on my birthday, I found a recipe for the bomb Bloody Mary on Lifehacker. And so I finally enjoyed the bomb Bloody for the first time this past Sunday. Why’d I wait two weeks to enjoy the bomb? Well you’ll just have to hit the jump to find out, now won’t you?

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AC Person of the Week: Diablo Cody

Yes, yes, I know. I know, I know, you don’t want to hear it, especially from me. But it’s been a minute since Air Conditioning had a “Person of the Week,” and you know what? I think Ms. Cody is deserving of it.

For those that are unaware, the Academy Award-winning neophyte screenwriter has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate, mostly from people (like myself) who have yet to make it big in the industry. It seems she just came out of nowhere to write the script for a critically and financially successful film and rode that success all the way to the Oscars. Damn her!

But everyone has their limits, and apparently, Diablo reached hers. Using her MySpace blog to vent, Ms. Cody’s message to her haters was clear: FUCK YOU.

I am not Charlie Kaufman or Sofia Coppola (much as I supplicate at their Cannes-weary feet.) I’m not Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m not even Paul W.S. Anderson. I am middle-class trash from the Midwest. I’m a competent nonfiction writer, an admittedly green screenwriter, and a product of Hollywood, USA. I am “Diablo Cody” and if you’re not a fan, go rent Prospero’s Books again and leave me the fuck alone.

I may have won 19 awards that you don’t feel I earned, but it’s neither original nor relevant to slag on Juno. Really. And you’re not some bold, singular voice of dissent, You are exactly like everyone else in your zeitgeisty-demo-lifestyle pod. You are even like me. (I, too, loved Arrested Development! Aren’t we a pretty pair of cultural mavericks? Hey, let’s go bitch about how Black Kids are overrated!

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Burger King Employee Washes More Than His Hands Before Returning to Work

Keep fucking around, eating in these nasty fast food places. You don’t know what the hell is going on back in the kitchen. I mean, what if were to tell you that people took baths in the large utility sinks, the ones used to wash the very utensils and equipment used to prepare the kangaroo meat burgers you love so freakin’ much.

Well, that’s what happened at an Ohio Burger King. Timothy Tackett, who goes by the sobriquet Mr. Unstable, decided to celebrate his twenty-fifth birthday by bathing in one of the fucking sinks at his job. And as he did so, one of his idiot co-workers videotaped him. Calvin would have never done this kind of thing. Story and video after the jump. Continue reading

Facebook Gets A Facelift

Time to update my status, bitch!

Time to update my status, bitch!

Yay! Facebook is new and improved! Click on the photo at right to get an idea.

Upgrades and changes galore, including the option of merging wall activity with the news feed, and while I’m digging that, some claim it’s impossible to read. I’m also loving the tabs at the top of the screen. In fact, the entire layout allows for greater accessibility to all of the ‘Book’s features: photos, groups, fan pages, Lil Green Patch. Gosh, how I love thee, Lil Green Patch. Continue reading