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John McCain’s “Fellow Prisoners”

This is what McCain had to say while speaking earlier today to a group of supporters: “Across this country, this is the agenda I have set before my fellow prisoners and the same standards of clarity and candor must now be applied to my opponent.”

Say what, say huh?

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ScriptGirl Report 9-5-08

Yerp. I’m late with it. It was one of those weekends. Got hammered. Spent money on food instead of cooking. Watched (and was slightly disappointed by) the VMAs and the season premiere of Entourage. Argued with my homegirl about whether or T-Pain is making classic music. Shit, man, I’m barely coherent at this point. But whatevs, here is SG, to make all right in the world with her latest report. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 8-22-08

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Yay! ScriptGirl is back from vacation, which means my t-shirt is on the way! These days I’ve been getting American Apparel with it, wearing extra-medium t-shirts to accentuate my beer belly. What? It’s like Fabienne said in Pulp Fiction, it’s sad that what is pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye are rarely the same thing. So I’m proud of my gut, homies! (Actually, I’m not, but my homeboy Scholls is supposed to devise an exercise and nutrition regimen for me and he has yet to do so.)

But enough about my fat ass, let’s get on with the week’s script sales! Peep ScriptGirl‘s latest video plus an extra treat after the jump. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 7-25-08


Shout out to the awesome and gorgeous ScriptGirl. Her videos continue to give me much motivation as they further my belief that what I’m penning is just as good as, if not outright superior to, what’s selling these days. Check the video after the jump. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 7-18-08

Hey, ScriptGirl! Nice rack.

ScriptGirl Report 07-11-08

Yet more motivation to get my voice heard. If these ideas can sell, I know my ideas can sell. Though Matadors does sound kinda cool. Oh, by the way, “Suck on that, Aristotle” is in the running for Catchphrase of the Year.

Propers to the awesome ScriptGirl. I’m loving the animated clips and her snarky asides. “Harvey Weingard” — brilliant!

Sex and The City 2: Erotic Boogaloo

Sex and the Sequel?

Sex and the Sequel?

Look, it’s no secret that I love Sex and The City. I was a faithful viewer of the program during its run on HBO, I’ve spent lots of money on DVDs and tie-in merch, I fantasized heavily about both Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon (What? Miranda’s misandry is sexy), and I was at the cinema on May 30 at midnight with all of America’s white women when the movie came out earlier this summer. So, it upsets me to no end to learn that Warner Bros. — who engulfed New Line much like Galactus would love to engulf the Earth — has decided to move forward with a sequel. It’s enough to make a black man blaspheme. Continue reading