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ScriptGirl Report 2-20-09

sg1988They say things come in threes. In this case, it’s apologies. First, Chris Brown apologized (via song) for beating the shit out of Rihanna. Then, the New York Post offered its half-assed apology (to some) for running an op-ed cartoon they didn’t think could’ve possibly been construed as offensive. Now, it is my turn.

I must apologize to my wonderful friend ScriptGirl for neglecting her. I did not post last week’s update, and although she hit me up a few times, I did not respond. I am a heel. And I deserve to be included in the company of such incorrigible villains as Chris Breezy and the low Post. But unlike those two, I deserve forgiveness, no?

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The Week in Cool 11-9-08

socialexperimentAutumn is such a wonderful time of year! The falling temperatures, the leaves changing color, the shift from summer to winter clothes. I can finally order hot cocoa and not be looked at like a frickin’ lunatic. I’m lovin’ it, like a cheesy McDonald’s ad campaign.

November has particularly gotten off to a good start. I’ve been working on new projects, got some things in the pipeline, and I’m finally gaining some semblance of stability. The past week has been an historic one, as you all should know. So for me, it’s been gratifying on both a large and small scale. Here’s what went down and what was cool this past week:

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My President is Black!! Obama To Be Next President


People are screaming in the streets. Tweets and Facebook statuses are being updated. People are exhilarated. People are shocked. Young Jeezy is being pumped. History has been made. With 297 electoral votes, Barack Obama will defeat John McCain to be the next President of the United States.

As news broke, supporters cried and cheered, “Yes, we can.”

Obama will become the first African-American to win the presidency.

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GOP: “Fuck This Shit, It’s Over!”

itsoverCNN correspondent Tara Wall says the GOP knows it’s all over. According to a “GOP insider,” Ohio was the nail in the coffin.

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medium_mccain_obama_grabassYou already know what day it is, and you already know what you should do (if you didn’t do already, like I did — yay absentee voting!).

This is history, people. Be a part of it. Help usher in a new era. That’s all.

Oh yeah, Election Parties are everywhere tonight. Mayhaps I’ll see you at one. 😉

ScriptGirl Report 8-29-08

Ch-check it out, new script deals courtesy of the one and only SG.

Oh, and just to let everyone know, I’ve been totally inspired to pen my own internet-themed screenplay. That’s right: it’s going to be an action-packed romp filled with sex, violence, drugs, laughs, and tear-jerking moments. Something for the entire family! Get ready for The Craigslist Movie!

Peep ScriptGirl’s latest video after the jump.

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