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My Second Novel ORANGE MOUND Pushed Back to March 2013

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, my sophomore novel ORANGE MOUND has been pushed back. That’s right, Dear Readers. Y’all are gonna have to wait on my next literary masterpiece.

Orange Mound has been pushed back for a variety of reasons: it’s still going through edits, we’re revamping our marketing plan, yada yada yada. In the end, we want to ensure that we publish the best possible work for your reading enjoyment. I don’t want y’all to pick up my novel and say it’s crap. And if you do, I at least want you to say that it’s good-looking crap, haha.

The new release date for Orange Mound has not yet been solidified, but I can tell you that it will be sometime in March 2013.


Is Jay Fingers’ GUESTLIST Urban Lit? #GLIST

Is GUESTLIST by Jay Fingers Urban Lit? #GLIST

Last week, while being interviewed by the lovely ladies of Hip-Hop is For Lovers, I was asked if I was okay with the term “urban lit” being used in regard to my novel Guestlist.

At the time, I said that I didn’t have a problem with it. After all, self-published urban lit pioneers like Vickie Stringer, Nikki Turner, and Teri Woods were massive influences on how I put Guestlist together and readied it for he masses.

But not necessarily on the story or how it was written.

And so, after thinking on it a bit more, I have to say that I don’t believe Guestlist is urban lit at all.

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Orange Mound

The other day I walked around my old Memphis, Tennessee neighborhood of Orange Mound to take in sights both familiar and foreign, get a sense of the nabe’s current vibe, and do a teeny tiny bit of research on my second novel, tentatively titled BEAUTIFUL.

Second novel? you say. But the first one hasn’t even been released yet!

I know, Dear Readers, I know. GUESTLIST isn’t even out yet and I’m already talking about what I’m doing next. But hey, that’s how you stay ahead of the game. Gotta be forward thinking. Can’t be stagnant. Can’t rest on one’s laurels.

(By the way, GUESTLIST is my debut novel and it releases February 28, 2012.)

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#FingersFollows: Today’s Recommendation – @VirgoBabe911 – #FF


My name is peaches and I’m the best all the djs want 2 feel my breast *dougies* #TeamBrownSkin #TeamLAkers&Cowboys. #TeamFOLLOWBACK

Haha, you gotta love the Coming to America quote in Joi‘s bio. It’s that sense of humor, plus our Virgo and Orange Mound connections, that helped us click. I haven’t been following her for too long, but in the small amount of time we’ve connected, I’ve found Joi to be a very interesting and hilarious person.

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Song of the Week: “Chucks On My Feet (Jay Fingers Remix)” by Five Eleven & W-I-Z

All stars!

All stars!

Those that have known me a while know there was a point in time in which I dabbled in the musical arts. As a writer (and erstwhile poet), I figured I had a strong enough command of words to write R&B songs and rap lyrics. This was something that I actually started early on, back in 1993 or ’94 when I wrote lyrics for my buddy and partner-in-rhyme Priest. Priest, another friend named Black, and myself formed a group called BLB, which was the abbreviation for the community center whose majorettes we played drums for. Our producer was the talented but lazy Michael Raiford. LOL. If you didn’t grow up in Orange Mound in the 90s, these names and places will mean nothing to you, and really this history has nothing to do with the video I want to share with you. I was merely giving background on my musical journey.

Anyway, when I got to college, I found musical kinship with my roommate W-I-Z, a Georgia native. Now this kid could spit. Not only that, he was able to bridge the gap between the Down South and East Coast styles, something that was unique when I met him. W-I-Z also had a knack for music production, and it was only a matter of time before the two of us began experimenting with it.

Fast forward to 2007. W-I-Z had been working with an artist calling himself Five Eleven, but the rest of us knew him by his earlier incarnation as R&B wonder J-Shin. W-I-Z and Five Eleven toiled in the studio, but the only song to come out of that pairing was the ode to sneakers “Chucks On My Feet.” The original version, which can be seen here, encompasses the South Florida vibe, that 305 shit, that Liberty City/Opalocka shit. The video was directed by Regina J. Bennett of IBIS Entertainment, and they shot most of it in my old Liberty City stomping grounds. Yes, that’s right, I once lived right off NW 62nd Street, walking distance to the MLK Metrorail station. Is my ghetto pass still valid now?

Well, even though the original song was dopeasfuck, I decided to go ahead and put my spin on it. My remix of “Chucks” is probably the last song I’ve produced, and I’m at least happy knowing that those who’ve heard it like it. Feeling bored, I took Regina’s original video — unaltered except for the addition of the Be Cool Entertainment logo at the beginning — and replaced the original track with my remix. Look for cameos from hip-hop heavyweight Dynas as well as the infamous Ian Adams of the Playaz Oasis. Holler at remixed goodness after the jump.

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