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ScriptGirl Report 8-1-08

ScriptGirl is at it again! Those animated asides keep getting better and better, hahaha! Here’s your weekly sales report.

I know many of you have been impatiently waiting for it. My bad, I’ve had a busy weekend hanging with one of my best friends, and so I didn’t have time to post it.

Anyhoo, here you go. Please stop emailing me about it or else I’ll have to go Cliff Yablonsky on your asses. Get your fix after the jump. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 7-25-08


Shout out to the awesome and gorgeous ScriptGirl. Her videos continue to give me much motivation as they further my belief that what I’m penning is just as good as, if not outright superior to, what’s selling these days. Check the video after the jump. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 7-18-08

Hey, ScriptGirl! Nice rack.

ScriptGirl Report 07-11-08

Yet more motivation to get my voice heard. If these ideas can sell, I know my ideas can sell. Though Matadors does sound kinda cool. Oh, by the way, “Suck on that, Aristotle” is in the running for Catchphrase of the Year.

Propers to the awesome ScriptGirl. I’m loving the animated clips and her snarky asides. “Harvey Weingard” — brilliant!

ScriptGirl Report 07-04-08

Yeah, I’m a few days late with it. So?!?! Get your ScriptGirl-in-a-Yankees-jersey fix.

At least the screenplays bought this past week sound much better than the lame-o ideas from last week.

ScriptGirl Report 06-27-08

Okay, so I’m a day late with it! I got drunk last night.

Far be it for me to criticize any of the ideas of the scripts and pitches that got bought this week, but a lot of them do sound incredibly lame. Alas, this only motivates me more. Thanks again to ScriptGirl for the info.

AC Person of the Week: ScriptGirl

So, one of my favorite new people on this planet Earth is ScriptGirl, a Hollywood insider who, each week, brings us news of the latest screenplay deals. She describes herself thusly:

For the last 2 years I’ve been working as an assistant to an old school Hollywood producer. He’s sort of a Jack Warner/Benito Mussolini hybrid, infamous for sleazy-ish behavior and general jackassery. Also, lucky for me, he hates “those f***ing internets!” Not only am I woefully underpaid, but he also demands that I compile daily script sales info and read it to him as if he were a dimwitted child. Now I’ve decided to grab hold of the affirmative and use my “job skill” to make the world a better place for my fellow screenwriters while simultaneously making online mega-stars of my desk and office wall. Please aggressively disseminate my reports to that end. πŸ˜‰

I will be posting her videos as they become available. You can also check her via her YouTube page or her MySpace page. And tell her I sent you, haha!