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ScriptGirl Report 1-9-09

ScriptGirl is back in full effect for ’09! Yes, Hornberger!

Unfortunately, our favorite industry insider is feeling a little under the weather, which always sucks, especially after having just come back from holiday. Feel better soon, ScriptGirl, we love you! Check out the latest video after the jump.

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The Year in Cool 2008

Yeah, yeah, I’m late with it. So what, monkeys? Chill out. It’s not as if you waited with bated breath on this specific post in this particular pocket of the the blogoshphere anyway.

So, 2008. What a year, right? False starts, R&Beef, hip-hoppers getting their asses kicked, oversensitive obese people, an overrated superhero movie — where to begin? What was worthy of being deemed Air Conditioning‘s Coolest of ’08? You’ll just have to click ahead to see, homie!

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ScriptGirl Report 12-19-08

I, too, possess a LvL 12 Arousal Wand.

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ScriptGirl Report 12-12-08

sg1212“So, you’e only 9 years old and already you’ve eclipsed me professionally. You little son of a …”

Yes, SG, I feel your pain. Truly I do. But hey, we can’t be mad at the little guy, right? He wrote it, so he sold it.

*sigh, grumble, grumble*

Video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 12-5-08

Some of us stayed on holiday longer than others, which explains my tardiness in getting the latest report up.

[aliciasilverstone]My bad![/aliciasilverstone]

Ah well, SG is back, with your weekly script sales report.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-21-08

sg1121Wait … did I just get a shout-out in a ScriptGirl video??

Yeah, I’m speechless right about now.

Ahem. Well. Compsure regained. This post, of course, is not about me … but if you want to peep the shout-out — as well as get this week’s script sales — check the video after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-14-08

sg111408My faith in being able to sell a spec script for high figures and with much fanfare has been restored despite quite a few WTF script sales, remakes, and board game adaptations this past week. SG — wearing new frames?? — gives us the low down.

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