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ScriptGirl Report 9-20-08

Let me tell you guys something. I do what I do because I love it. Whether I’m writing scripts or posting on this blog, in the kitchen cooking or teaching blind kids how to play kickball, I do it because I care enough to invest the time and energy. That also includes posting SG‘s weekly reports. They’re informative, they’re funny, and SG is definitely easy on the eyes. πŸ™‚

While I’m sure her YouTube channel and MySpace page get many more hits than my blog, I still feel this is an effective way to disseminate information that’s useful to all interested in what’s going on in Hollywood. I’m not doing it for propers or popularity.

So when I saw that I’d been replied to in a post I made on one of SG’s videos, it was pretty darn heartwarming to see who’d written me and what they’d said.

Duly noted, SG. I appreciate you as well. Thanks for the info and the friendship. πŸ™‚

Okay, okay, enough mushy stuff, right? Peep the latest after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-12-08

I think I’m going to become a rock star. That way, it’ll be that much easier to pitch my screenplay to a Hollywood exec. *sigh* The life of the charmed, I tell ya.

Our favorite industry insider, SG, is back with more script sale goodness. As usual, the interludes are top notch. Please forgive if I’m not as eloquent in this post, but I’m currently watching the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy while sipping on Georgi and Tropicana. I swear, Georgi must be the cheapest vodka I’ve ingested since Popov back in ’99. Yeah, I’m looking at you, W-I-Z.

Click the jump to see who’s sold scripts while you haven’t.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-5-08

Yerp. I’m late with it. It was one of those weekends. Got hammered. Spent money on food instead of cooking. Watched (and was slightly disappointed by) the VMAs and the season premiere of Entourage. Argued with my homegirl about whether or T-Pain is making classic music. Shit, man, I’m barely coherent at this point. But whatevs, here is SG, to make all right in the world with her latest report. Continue reading

ScriptGirl Report 8-22-08

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Yay! ScriptGirl is back from vacation, which means my t-shirt is on the way! These days I’ve been getting American Apparel with it, wearing extra-medium t-shirts to accentuate my beer belly. What? It’s like Fabienne said in Pulp Fiction, it’s sad that what is pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye are rarely the same thing. So I’m proud of my gut, homies! (Actually, I’m not, but my homeboy Scholls is supposed to devise an exercise and nutrition regimen for me and he has yet to do so.)

But enough about my fat ass, let’s get on with the week’s script sales! Peep ScriptGirl‘s latest video plus an extra treat after the jump. Continue reading

ScriptGirl is Made of CHEESE!!

Everyone deserves a vacation. I’m pretty much on a permanent vacay right now. Barack Obama was seen bare-chested in Hawaiian waters recently. Even Young Jeezy wish a nigga would interrupt his vacation. So why shouldn’t ScriptGirl be afforded the same courtesy? Check out her talking beaver after the jump. Continue reading