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Ratchet: Kia Shine featuring Yung Joc – “Club Walmart”

Now this is the dumb shit I’m taking about.

Kia Shine, a Memphis rapper and songwriter of dubious talent, actually recorded, released, and was serious about an unbelievably bad song entitled “Club Walmart” featuring Bad Boy refugee Yung Joc. I think the song is already a year old, but since I listen to good music (like Rebecca Black) I was not privy to its existence.

The hilariously awful song finds our narrators going to the discount retail giant not for underwear or groceries or cheap DVDs but for the express purpose of finding “hot” chicks with whom they can score.

Let me repeat that again for ultimate clarity and resonance: They went to Walmart to find “hot” chicks with whom they can score. Um, sir …

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Player Card Revocation: Ruben Studdard

Brothers, we’ve lost another one.

Ruben Studdard, the second season American Idol winner who apologized for fucking up the entire year of 2004, tied the knot yesterday to a beautiful autograph-seeking fan he followed into a Wal-Mart toy aisle almost two years ago. Continue reading